Prepping for a New Semester

Hello everyone!

So lately I’ve been super obsessed with anything studyblr (study tumblr) related.  I made my own studyblr and that opened the door to a whole new world.  I always loved stationery and looking at pretty notes on Pinterest, but my love was taken to a whole new level.

I got introduced to a bullet journal which is such a wonderful addition to my life (post about it coming soon).  I also got introduced to different pens and highlighters.  Studyblrs are basically heaven.

From scrolling through countless studyblrs and study boards on Pinterest, I’ve gathered some tips to get ready for a new semester which I start next week yikes. Some tips are mine and some are from tumblr/Pinterest.

1. Make A Plan of Attack

So this tip is mine.  I’m not saying other people don’t do it, but I’ve personally been doing this since like high school.  One to two weeks before the semester starts, brainstorm! How are you going to organize the semester? What supplies do you need? This is where you figure out if you’re going to use a notebook or a binder.  If you choose a notebook, are you going to have a separate notebook for each class or is it going to be a multiple subject notebook?

TIP: If you have supplies left over from the semester before, use them! It saves you a lot of money.  Have a notebook with pages left? Use those pages for to-do lists or to take notes while reading!

2. Order Textbooks

Everyone has their preference with ordering textbooks.  Most blogs I’ve read have said to wait until the semester starts.  I’ve always ordered textbooks before and I’ve been fine. There are textbooks that I ended up not using much and could have done without them, but the professor told us we needed them.  Even if I had waited until the semester started, I would’ve ordered it anyway because the professor lied 😦

I haven’t tried this yet, but can’t you return textbooks? I order mine online using (they compare prices listed on different sites).  I get like 21 days to return the textbook, so I think that’s enough time to decide if I want to keep it or not.

TIP: Order textbooks online. The bookstore will almost always try to rip you off.  Buy/rent the used option if possible.  It’s usually the cheapest option.

3. Enter Key Dates In Planner

I’m going to assume you all have a planner.  If not then you need to get one ASAP! Planners are life savers.  It doesn’t have to be a super expensive or fancy one.  Get one that will make you want to use it.  In the planner you can write due dates, exam dates, days off, appointments with professors, etc. What I like to do is go back two weeks to a month (depending on how big the assignment is) before an assignment is due and write myself reminders.  This way I won’t forget about it.

TIP: You can also use this color code system in your planner. I found it on Pinterest so creds to whoever came up with this idea!


4. Make An Assignment Planner

Every important date written on your syllabi will go here.  This is like an extension to writing the dates in the planner.  An assignment planner will help you keep just your due dates/exam dates for every class in one place.  You can make this using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. I found this on Pinterest, so here’s a more in depth look on how to make it.

TIP: Make this the day you get your syllabi.  Odds are you’ll keep pushing it to the next day if you don’t do it as soon as you can!

These are the four tips I have written down in my bullet journal! I hope this helped you or gave you some ideas.  If you have any other suggestions let me know!

xo Cynthia


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